Saeed Naqvi's career of journalism has spanned over four decades and in this time, he has given his soul into visiting and covering places of significance, interviewing important personalities and showing the "Indian" side of affairs. While the mainstream media at that time, and even now, dwelled upon issues of comparative triviality, he along with his talented crew were busy narrating the 'big picture', the issues of which focused on humanity as a whole. He feels strongly even now that it is imperative to have a global perspective and to be at par with media of the world. This drive paired along with his inherent nature of delving into the roots of affairs stood out in his documentaries and coverage reports.

In this section, we catalogue a vast array of interviews, short films and documentaries.

Peace Keeping Force

It was to showcase the "Indian perspective" in global peacekeeping that led him to focus on the Indian Peacekeeping Forces around the world. He traveled to some of the world's fiercest theatres of conflicts like Vietnam, Haiti, Somalia, South Lebanon, Congo, Cyprus, Namibia, Yugoslavia, Rwanda and many more.

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